SFInX items

The SFInX consists of 13 functional activities. The activities range from easy to harder and allow for early measurement of shoulder function and adequate follow up during shoulder rehabilitation.

All 13 items are explained in detail with regards to equipment, position of patient, clinician and patient instruction and scoring of the items in theĀ SFInX User Manual and here.

  • ITEM 1: drinking from a cup
  • ITEM 2: washing opposite armpit
  • ITEM 3: washing back opposite shoulder
  • ITEM 4: combing hair/running hand through hair
  • ITEM 5: tucking shirt into pants
  • ITEM 6: washing lower back
  • ITEM 7: lying on affected side
  • ITEM 8: reaching behind to get an object
  • ITEM 9: holding an object for a longer period
  • ITEM 10: carrying a heavy object with two hands
  • ITEM 11: placing an object on a shelf at shoulder level
  • ITEM 12: moving an object above head level
  • ITEM 13: throwing a ball with two hand over-head

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